Friday, April 10th, 2020

Cat Flea Collars

When the flea collar was first introduced, it seemed like an excellent solution to a nasty problem. Although they greatly reduce insect bites, there were a few problems.

Some cats absolutely do not like a collar around the neck. Some also can develop an irritation.  However, a flea collar can remove fleas in the neck area of the cat. This tends to be a good hybernating spot for fleas, just below the mouth. If you are petting your cat and feel tiny bumps on the chin, these are probably fleas.

Flea collars are made of a special plastic that releases insecticide slowly that will kill adult fleas and make eggs sterile for weeks or possibly even months.

Be careful to check the chemical in the flea collar you buy to ensure that your cat does not have an allergic reaction to the insecticides. This can occur if your cat is allergy prone.

Although not so effective for solving a flea problem that has already occured, a cat flea collar is a useful method when used before you have a problem. Cat flea collars are the cheapest and easiest prevention, and is surely much better than not taking any precaution at all. Some people may not like the smell of a flea collar, or the oily feel of the insecticide you may get on your hands when petting your cat.

Remember that a cat flea collar alone may not be enough. These days there are many preventative products and control methods to get you out of a sticky situation. Once an infestation has occured, vigourous treatment can take at least 3 months to rid your pet and home of these insects.

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