Friday, April 10th, 2020

Advantage Flea Control

Advantage flea control for cats and dogs was created by Bayer Animal Health. It is a fast working, month long flea control for you pet.  Many people use Advantage, and can be provided by your local veterinarian. The active ingredient in Advantage is imidicloprid, which attacks the nervous system of the flea causing paralysis and death.

Here are some facts about advantage:

Advantage is waterproof.

Stops biting fleas in 3 to 5 minutes, and kills reinfesting fleas.

Within if not before 12 hours, all fleas are dead.

Kills over 90 percent of flea larvae within 20 minutes.

Kills 100 percent of biting fleas (adults)  within one week, and lasts for a full month.

Be sure to get the right Advantage for your cat. There is Advantage 9 for cats 9lbs and under, and advantage 18 for cats over 9lbs.

Advantage is a great product to use. As said before you should have your cat on a montly flea treatment for the prevention of fleas. Millions of cat owners use this product. Remember that flea bites can cause skin infections, allergic reactions, cause discomfort for your pet, and possibly even transmit other disease causing organisms. It is imperitive to take precautions.  Ask your vet if this is the right treatment for your cat.

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