Sunday, October 24th, 2021

All About Cat Fleas

Cat fleas are by far the most common species of flea out there. As we all know, fleas can live and breed in the fur of our precious pets. And for those of us who have unfortunately had this experience before, we know how uncomfortable this can be for our pets catand ourselves.

For those of us who have indoor cats, don’t feel completely safe. I thought I had nothing to worry about. My cat, Gizmo, got outside through our window for not even an hour, and came back in with fleas. Although you will not know right off, always pay close attention to your animal. If you see them scratching or aggitated, you may have a problem. The quicker you react, the better off you are in the long run.

Fleas eggs can be brought into your home from outside, in the grass, wherever. Your cat does not necessarily have to come in contact with another animal that is infected. They can be found in your yard, just like ants and other insects. Sometimes your cat does not even have to go outside, so you have to be careful of others bringing pets into your home as well.

Fourtunately, though, there are a number of  things you can do to both deal with a flea problem before it happens, and ways to get rid of them after your home has been the target of unwelcomed guests.

There are a couple different flea control products out there that you can look into including Frontline, Advantage, and Revolution to name a few. In this blog you will find many different ways to get rid of and control this problem if it happens to you. There are also precautions you can take and I will provide some for you. I know I could have used some helpful information when it happened to me. I hope you find what you are looking for here.